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Bramford CEVC Primary School

Bramford CEVC

Primary School

Latest News

Keep up to date with all the latest news happening in school at the moment.

  • Easter Church Service ⛪🐣🌷

    Wed 27 Mar 2024 Miss Bartlett

    Easter Church Service ⛪🐣🌷

    Yesterday afternoon we enjoyed an Easter church service with our parents and guardians. The service was led by Mrs Squirrell and Reverend Eric who had hidden lots of brightly coloured eggs around the church. Each egg had a number on it and a symbol on the back. Each symbol helped our year sixes to tell the Easter story. We enjoyed listening to the Easter story and singing our Easter hymns that we have been practising in assembly with Miss Emms.

  • KS1 Explorer visitor! 🎒🌎⛰🐳

    Wed 27 Mar 2024 Miss Bartlett

    KS1 Explorer visitor! 🎒🌎⛰🐳

    Hares and Hedgehogs both enjoyed a visit from an Antarctic explorer today. This is the second time that our year twos have met Mr Hall. Last time they learnt about one of his expeditions in the Arctic and today they learnt about another of his expeditions in Antarctica. They enjoyed learning more about Antarctica and how you have to get there and survive when staying there. They learnt about what you can see there and the animals you may find. We also enjoyed building on our previous map skills from the previous visit and using our bespoke maps of Bramford to find hidden flags. When looking for the flags the children used vocabulary such as north, east, south and west. We all had lots of fun and thoroughly enjoyed learning to read different maps!

  • World Book Day 2024 📚✨

    Tue 12 Mar 2024 Miss Bartlett

    World Book Day 2024 📚✨

    We had a very exciting world book day with lots of amazing costumes for the children’s favourite characters! It was lovely to see the amount of thought and effort that went into each and every costume the children wore. Throughout the day all classes enjoyed lots of world book day activities. KS2 participated in a special quiz, whilst KS1 made hedgehogs out of old books, modelled by two of our year 6 children. In the afternoon, different classes got together to share their favourite books and stories together.

  • KS1 open classroom 🦔🐇

    Tue 12 Mar 2024 Miss Bartlett

    KS1 open classroom 🦔🐇

    Hedgehogs and Hares were very excited to invite their mummies, daddies, parents and carers into their classrooms to share all of their hard work and achievements. It was lovely to see the children talking about what they had learnt, the topics they have done and for parents to see their progress!

  • KS1 Share Afternoon 🎒

    Sun 10 Mar 2024 Miss Bartlett

    KS1 Share Afternoon 🎒

    Hares and Hedgehogs were very excited for our special explorer share afternoon. The children enjoyed activities such as; making binoculars and bonfire biscuits, building boats, making paper helicopters, creating their own compasses and going on a scavenger hunt. It was lovely to see parents and carers getting stuck in with their children and having fun! Thank you to all who attended ☺️

  • New Library Books! 📚

    Sat 09 Mar 2024 Miss Bartlett

    New Library Books! 📚

    We have been very lucky to receive 200 new books for our library! These have been chosen and carefully selected by Mrs Rose, who has made sure we have had a breadth of different genres and authors. As well as receiving our new books, Mrs Rose has also appointed some KS1 ‘mini monitors’ who help to keep the library organised and tidy.

  • Have a Heart Day KS1 disco ❤

    Fri 16 Feb 2024 Miss Bartlett

    Have a Heart Day KS1 disco ❤

    Hedgehogs and Hares had a lovely time at their 'have a heart' disco and enjoyed dancing and participating in disco games! It was lovely to see everyone on the dance floor and having fun! 

  • Have a Heart Day CPR Training ❤

    Fri 16 Feb 2024 Miss Bartlett

    Have a Heart Day CPR Training ❤

    St John’s Ambulance volunteers gave up their time to come and lead sessions in school with each class to teach them about how to deal with medical emergencies. Key Stage Two learned about what to do if someone gets hurt, how to help someone who is choking, how to put someone in the recovery position and how to administer CPR. We’d like to thank the St John’s Ambulance staff who worked with our pupils so professionally to teach them such important lessons.

  • Christmas Carol Service 🎅🔔⛪

    Tue 12 Dec 2023 Miss Bartlett

    Christmas Carol Service 🎅🔔⛪

    The children at Bramford were very much looking forward to our Christmas carol service at our local church. This year our carol service taught us about how different countries around the world celebrate Christmas differently. We listened to Years five and six who gave us information on this as well as reading prayers. We sang lots of traditional Christmas carols that we had been practising with Miss Emms and even had a performance from the school choir club! We are well and truly ready for Christmas now! 

  • HSA Christmas Fayre 🎄🎅✨

    Fri 08 Dec 2023 Miss Bartlett

    HSA Christmas Fayre 🎄🎅✨

    We were all very excited to attend our school Christmas Fayre that was hosted by our HSA and made possible by all of our helpers and teachers! The children enjoyed looking around Christmas stalls, entering raffles, visiting 'Elfridges' to purchase something for their parents and of course visiting Father Christmas! There were also marshmallows to be toasted on a fire in our Orchard! The fayre has definitely put us all in the Christmas spirit